Natural Hair Growth - 5 Ways Sea Moss Helps - Hip 2 Health

Natural Hair Growth - 5 Ways Sea Moss Helps - Hip 2 Health


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It's true: Sea moss is the natural way to grow your hair long and strong.

Here are 5 ways hip 2 health sea moss helps with natural hair growth:

  1. It's full of nutrients. Sea moss is rich in proteins and minerals that help nourish your hair follicles—which means they'll be stronger, healthier, and better able to grow long and strong!

  1. It helps prevent breakage. Sea moss contains natural moisturizers that keep your hair hydrated, so it won't tangle as easily or break off at the ends.

  1. It conditions your scalp for healthy growth! Sea moss is packed with vitamins C and E—which help strengthen your scalp's ability to produce more oil (sebum) so it can keep both your scalp and the rest of your hair moisturized throughout the day.

  1. Sea moss helps to strengthen the hair shaft by increasing blood flow to the scalp, which helps with cell regeneration and hair growth.

  1. Sea moss contains vitamins A and C, which are both essential for healthy hair growth.

If you accept the Hip 2 health challenge to start your mornings with:

  1. consuming sea moss
  2. exercise
  3. eat clean
  4. practice gratitude

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