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How Sea Moss, Bladderwrack & Burdock Root Helps To Overcome Top 3 Life Stressors


The problem of stress is one that is becoming popular amongst people of various groups in countries around the world. For instance, over 48% of people living in the US have been discovered to be living with stress. This can lead to feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts. The major challenge is that most people don’t know much about stress.

In case you happen to be amongst the category of people mentioned above, there is no need being worried. This post will be helping to reveal some of the causes of stress and the best ways of overcoming it today. You will definitely be wondering why it has taken this long to discover these solutions.


Financial challenges
It can be very surprising to find out that lack of money can be a major cause of stress amongst people. However, there are proofs to backup such reason. This problem is even expected to become worse given that people are losing their jobs in various parts of the world as economies have been affected by the recent pandemic. Most people think about problems they can solve with money. These could be payment of school fees, food, rent, clothing and others.


Too much work
As explained by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most people in the US spend about 70% of their time working as compared to decades ago. This can only result in stress taking its toll on them. The problem of stress as result of working too much can hinder your level of productivity. It can also affect you psychologically when not handled properly.


Loss of family members
Have you ever lost a family member or loved one? This is one of the major causes of stress and can lead to other health complications. People who lost their loved ones have a way of feeling stressed. At such point, they usually disconnect from others and prefer staying alone. This can lead to depression with the passage of time.

How to overcome stress
There are lots of ways you can overcome stress. However, be aware that some are more effective than others. Below are some of the best ways to deal with this problem according to research.


Sea moss
The scientific name for sea moss is chondrus crispus. It has been known to contain lots of minerals and vitamins. One of the effects of stress is to hinder your body from functioning properly. Sea moss can help prevent such situations through its ingredients. It contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc. The best part is that it is completely free of gluten.



Bladderwrack is an effective way to overcome stress. One of the major implication of stress is that victims can suffer obesity as time goes on. This is when the cortisol, a hormone which is responsible for management of appetite is released in excess amount. When this happens, you will likely crave for fatty or sugary foods.

Bladderwrack can help avoid such a problem since it has been known to be very effective in prevention of obesity. It is also powerful in the process at which metabolism takes place in the body.


burdock root

Burdock root
Burdock root is very popular. However, very few people know it can help when it comes to overcoming stress. It is probably amongst the safest herbals you can use to become stress-free today. One of the results of chronic stress is that individuals can be prone to experiencing skin problems. This could be on the arms, chest, neck or face. Burdock root can help fight against such challenge with its powerful ingredients.



Final thoughts
Based on the above solutions which have been mentioned, there is no doubt that you can’t wait to overcome stress today.

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