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How Sea Moss Is Beneficial In Times of Famine Especially During The Current Worldwide Food Shortage


How Sea Moss Is Beneficial In Times of Famine Especially During The Current Worldwide Food Shortage

Studies have shown that over 700 million people around world are hungry. That is almost 10% of the world’s population. When famine is talked about, most people are forced to think that it is only about shortage of food. The truth is that it has more devastating effects especially on the health of victims. For instance, both pregnant women and young people are adversely affected. Apart from being malnourished, they tend to suffer different types of diseases.


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Here Is The Solution

The problem of food shortage may remain permanent in different countries around the world. However, there is a solution that has proven perfect to lessen its effects over the years. This is the use of sea moss. As simple as this may sound, it has helped to a great extent in times of famine.


Are you doubting how this has happened? There is no need trying to rack your brains as this post will be explaining the various ways that sea moss has proven beneficial during periods of famine in countries around the world.


Maintenance of The Right Mood

Studies have shown that people who don’t have access to adequate food are always prone to suffering from depression as well as anxiety. Apart from these mental illnesses, they are likely to entertain the thoughts of committing suicide. The major problem is that these metal disorders have some serious effects. For instance, patients are known to have poor relationships with their loved ones both in the short and long run.


The good part is that sea moss has helped them to fight against such problem. This is why it is known as an extremely powerful “mood booster”. For instance, it contains high amount of potassium and magnesium. These are very effective when it comes to helping hungry people to maintain the right mood. Sea moss can help in fighting against conditions such as fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.


Prevention of Diabetes And Cancer

This is one way that sea moss has helped pregnant women who don’t have access to foods during times of famine. It has been discovered that a baby can suffer type-2 diabetes before it is born due to poor nutrition. Even for the mother, undernutrition can make her prone to kidney problems, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and many others. There is also the risk of cancer occurring.


Again, the consumption of sea moss can help to fight against such problem of undernutrition for pregnant women. This is because it has all the minerals and vitamins to ensure babies develop safely without any problem. These could be vitamin C, D, E, A, folic acid, iron, omega-3 acid and many more. With all of these, it has been able to ensure that pregnant women and their babies remain in the best of conditions despite not having access to adequate food.


It Can Help To Improve Skin

One of the major side effects of malnutrition is that your skin will begin to appear flaky and dry. In other words, it will look less attractive. Starvation can easily make the skin to age very fast. Although experts have recommended that some foods can reverse skin ageing, the problem is that these people don’t have access to such items. You must have seen most of those women, men and children who have become victims of famine in the past.


You will notice there is always something common with all of them. This is their skin looking aged and unattractive. The good part is that sea moss has been able to play a crucial role in helping to improve such skin. There are 4 major vitamins that can improve the human skin – vitamin K, C, E and D. Sea moss has proven to have all of these in high amount. It also contains minerals such as selenium, copper and zinc which have also helped to improved the skin of malnourished people in the past.


Reliable Source of Energy

One of the effects of famine is that affected individuals don’t have enough energy. Some of them can’t even talk or walk for 60mins. Have you ever seen those victims of war that are bedridden? The problem most times isn’t because they have been wounded. Rather, it is due to starvation. When this problem persists, there are more serious consequences. For instance, the body won’t be able to regulate temperature properly as it ought to. There is also the chance of such victim suffering from a serious mental illness. This can affect his or her memories with the passage of time.


Furthermore, when the human body is short of energy, vital nutrients can’t be provided to tissues and organs. In a nutshell, starvation or famine can make the body to lose energy more than you can imagine. There is a solution for this problem which is sea moss. This due to how it contains important minerals that have been discovered to provide the body with high amount of energy. These are Vitamin B12, melatonin, creatine, CoQ10, iron, and many more. These are 100% natural sources of energy.


Strengthening of Immune Systems

This is another aspect that sea moss has helped during times of famine. One of the most notable effects of famine is that people will have weak immune systems. When such happens, victims are likely going to start experiencing different kinds of abnormal conditions and diseases. These could be cancer, kidney failure, liver problems and more.  


Without a strong immune system, your health can be easily affected by any of these conditions. Again, this is where sea moss has proven to be very helpful. For instance, it contains all the necessary vitamins that can help to boost the immune system like vitamin C, vitamin B6 and more. Vitamin C is very effective in prevention of infections.  


Final Words

There is no doubting the fact that sea moss has a very important role to play when it comes to helping people survive the difficult periods of famine. There are predictions that the world will likely experience serious food shortage in the nearest future. Taking lots of sea moss can help to ensure you don’t experience any health implication that such problem may lead to.


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