How Paula #OvercameConstipation With Sea Moss




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Constipation is one abnormal condition that most people experience without knowing. Are you finding it difficult while passing stool? It could even be passing stool infrequently. When this isn’t checked properly, it can lead to hemorrhoids. A recent survey carried out has showed that over 60 million Americans are suffering from chronic constipation. According to medical experts, this can occur when your body is short of fiber.


One of the major mistakes people usually make while experiencing this problem is trying to use laxatives. This is not only temporal but also very dangerous to your health. For instance, it can lead to farting, bloating, tummy cramps, and dehydration. Sea moss is a recommended natural solution that can help you poop today. It contains high amount of magnesium which is a stool softener. It can also ensure the size of your stool is increased. Vitamin C, fiber and vitamin B12 can also help to fight against constipation. These can be found in sea moss




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